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“Ditat servata fides

dum pacis et armorum vigiles”

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Office Address

11F Carpatilor

Otopeni, Jud. Ilfov

075100 Romania

T: +4 031 421 5150

F: +4 031 420 8754



Mararu & Mararu SCA is a premier Romanian boutique law firm specialising in cross-industry and cross-practice digital and technology law, from IT&C to finance technology, marketing technology, e-commerce, distributed ledger technology (DLT) & blockchain, industrial property & patents, intellectual property, cybercrime, aerospace, and to computer and data science, with a long-standing legal practice in corporate and M&A, litigation, energy and natural resources, public private partnership and procurement, international private & public law, NGOs and white collar crime.   

For 20 years, Mararu & Mararu’s English-speaking lawyers in Bucharest have dedicated themselves to a quality and successful legal practice, continuous legal training and legal risk management for Fortune 500, start-ups and multinational private or public corporations, working at the forefront of technological, industrial, financial, social and regulatory changes, bringing value, clarity and opportunity to its clients in an ethical, adaptive, integrated, clear, and sound legal manner, with affordability and efficiency.

The lawyers at Mararu & Mararu have dedicated themselves to detailed and personalised service, committing wholeheartedly to their clients’ needs and education, and preferring each to handle a few clients well rather than many with mediocrity, its expertise and ethics quickly giving the firm, one of the oldest law firms in Romania, a reputation for long-term client commitment that foregoes short-term profit if necessary.

Mararu & Mararu practicing attorneys are High Court of Cassation and Justice qualified, being licensed to appear before all Romanian courts.