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The oldest internationally recognized Romanian online gambling & leisure law specialty law firm in Romania, Mararu & Mararu has provided expert support on drafting legislation, start-ups, licensing, ongoing full legal services, mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures, stealth advocacy, financing, strategic counsel, data protection, intelectual property, corporate governance, consumer, commercial law, competition, EU law and governmental relations for various land-based local and international medium and large online gambling operators.       

Mararu & Mararu has expertise in many sectors of the offline and Internet gambling industry. Mararu & Mararu SCA has built up a wide range of services that it can provide to its clients to help them operate successfully in the field. We endeavor to help the government develop its policy toward gambling, companies with their corporate strategies, license application with the National Gambling Office, regulatory compliance, due diligence, risk management, IP, antitrust and M&A, and investment banks and private equity with their due diligence. We provide a full range of specially designed integrated gaming services:

  1. Anti-trust 

  2. Business Model Validation

  3. Business / Facility Planning

  4. Consumer 

  5. Corporate Strategy 

  6. Due Diligence 

  7. Incorporation & Domiciliation Services | Office Space 

  8. Intellectual Property 

  9. IPOs 

  10. Legal Strategy, Consultancy and Opinions 

  11. Mergers & Acquisitions 

  12. Offshore Services 

  13. Online and Land based Licence Applications 

  14. Regulatory Policy and Compliance 

  15. Taxation and Tax Planning 

We look at the land-based and the remote industry segment, the new vibrant and rapidly growing on-line gambling business, providing top legal consultancy, assistance and representation services for the global internet gambling industry:

Application for Gaming License     

Whether you choose the Romanian jurisdiction or simply wish to legalize your well-established international operations in Romania, Mararu & Mararu has the right professional and business contacts in place. Our lawyers will give you the best advice possible, help you throughout the whole process, handle all the paperwork and ensure that everything is compliant with the regulatory involved.

Due Diligence and Stealth Advocacy     

Whether you are applying for an online or land-based gaming licence in Romania or involved in a merger or acquisition, all parties would need to know that representations made by the other parties are correct. Mararu & Mararu, through its wide network of professional and business contacts, can scratch the surface of things a little more in depth than most companies that collate official information. Reputation in the industry and track records are bound to contain more than a grain of truth.


Effective liaison with gaming, tax and financial authorities will save you time and money. Authorities generally tend to use intelligent bureaucracy; however, getting to know their rules and procedures might be frustrating. Mararu & Mararu may become your single point of contact between you and the relevant Authorities.

Guardianship of Gaming Licences     

Non-compliance with regulatory requirements may lead to the suspension or cancellation of the license, to substantial fines or even criminal prosecutions. Further, according to the Romanian gaming legislation, any change in your structure, organization, games, processes etc. needs to make the subject of notification and approval by the Gaming Commission.

Mararu & Mararu is the ideal guardian of your licence. If you want peace of mind, set up a meeting with Mararu & Mararu. We will ensure that your licence will never become a liability, but will continue to add value to your asset.

Identifying strategic partners     

Are you looking for a strategic partner such as a software vendor, a poker network, a media or content provider, an affiliate or intermediary? We have an extensive network of business contacts that is continuously revisited and upgraded. Our clients benefit from that network and find it much easier to find partners that can meet their requirements.

Incorporation and Domiciliation Services

Our law firm can provide a full service incorporation services for your company, including off-shore in many jurisdictions and domiciliation services for your Romanian companies registered seat.   

Aside the company registered seat, your operation is bound to require some kind of office space. Of course, it depends a lot on the operations presence on physical territory. At Mararu & Mararu, we keep a database of office space that caters for different needs and for operations with different budgets. Just let us know what you require and we will help you choose, assist you with conveyance procedures and whenever possible save you estate agents fees.

Legal strategy, consultancy, legal opinions and reports

Getting your legal facts right might prove to be the most important thing in tilting the balance in your favor. Remote gaming continues to develop in a hostile legal environment and that means that your legal strategy is key to your risk management and ultimate success. We can advice you on the legal aspects relating to regulatory issues, risks, and your standing at law.   

At Mararu & Mararu we build a one-to-one relationship with all our clients, thereby ensuring that we understand their concerns and that they will get an in-depth appreciation of the matters at stake. Our legal opinions will not only address all your queries, but will also help you to adopt a holistic approach when studying your possibilities and making your choices. 

Skins, affiliates, white label, intermediaries and every other horizontal industry     

Remote gaming is a versatile and complex industry. Ongoing technological developments act as its primary catalyst for change. Every day we are seeing new models developing and what used to be categorized as ancillary services such as skins, affiliates and intermediaries, have become top players in their own sector.

Whether it is virtual casinos, lotteries, bingo, sports books, horse racing, poker, betting exchange, forex transactions, mobile gaming, skill games, skins, affiliates and other intermediaries, payment processors, international consultancies, investment funds, Mararu & Mararu is there to assist you. Moreover, should you wish to acquire a software license, our lawyers will work out with you on an optimal solution. You will find out that our services will take you along all the way: from defining your needs, to negotiating on your behalf and assisting you in completing all legal formalities.

Intellectual Property     

A brand is synonymous to a successful business that commands the loyalty of players. We know that creating a brand is expensive and time-consuming. Moreover there is a lot more that goes under that brand û domains, trademarks and patents just to mention a few. If you have issues with anything to do with intellectual property look no further. Right from the first call to our offices you will know that you will get only the highest standards of IP services.

Mergers and Acquisitions     

Mergers in the gaming industry are becoming increasingly popular in a trend that values the synergy of resources. However, sharing common goals and the ability to work together are essential to successful mergers and joint ventures. Acquisitions are also interesting propositions for many reasons, especially for operators who are looking at markets that traditionally did not form part of their core business. In any event, prospective partners and potential buyers and sellers would rather avoid publicity and the ensuing speculation. A skilled and discreet broker is very frequently called upon. We have been entrusted to act as broker in very sensitive find outs and negotiations.

Tax consultancy and planning 

Are you looking for help and advice especially when it comes to corporate and gambling taxation, including offshore services? Do you need to know the potential pit falls when it comes to corporate and gambling taxation? Are you keen on maximizing the benefits from tax incentives offered by several jurisdictions around the world? If so, your search ends here. We know that tax planning is a key factor to your success. Through the use of expert consultants you can feel assured that the level of service you would receive will meet the highest levels of excellence.

For further information or a free initial consultation on your case contact us by phone at + 4 021 3110664 or by email at office@mararu.com.





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